Selling ain’t selling anymore, but here’s what is…

Let’s start thinking and approaching selling beyond paid ads, beyond short term once off wins, beyond seasonal tactics and trending topics…

Always focus on the stuff that matters most to your customers and in order to benefit the business in the long run.
  1. Educating your customer is selling.
  2. Entertaining and making a customer smile is selling.
  3. Helping a customer achieve a goal is selling.
  4. Helping a customer avoid a negative situation is selling.
  5. Being transparent and honest is selling.
  6. Showing rather than telling is selling.
  7. Saving your client money is selling.
  8. Showing your customers how to make more money is selling.
  9. Deciphering technical/confusing aspects of your industry in simple terms is selling.
  10. A genuine apology and actually doing better in the future is selling.
  11. Living up to your mission/brand promise is selling.
  12. The way your team/employees feel and talk about working with you and in your business is selling.
  13. Sharing your business journey is selling.
  14. Delivering a great personalized customer experience/journey is selling.
  15. Showing your customer how to make more money is selling.
  16. Continuously improving your systems is selling.
  17. Checking up on your customers is selling.
  18. Committing to a social goal is selling.
  19. Being consistent is selling.




People first. Things later. Content Strategist.

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Linda Mtambo

Linda Mtambo

People first. Things later. Content Strategist.

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